Porsche Goes Hybrid in a Big Way

by Todd Shriber

There’s something about hybrid cars that rub car enthusiasts the wrong way. Sure, cars like the Toyota Prius are not only environmentally sensitive, they’ve also found a legitimate foothold in the market. Still, these cars are small and are about as powerful as some lawn mowers. The combination of fun to drive and eco-friendliness is something of a holy grail for car lovers: It’s almost impossible to find.

Leave it to the Germans to rectify the situation. Porsche rolled its 918 RSR hybrid supercar at the North American International Auto Show earlier this week (see the video clip, courtesy of Fox Business Network). The 918 RSR may just be the holy grail of hybrids. Just look at the specs: 563 horsepower; a 10,300 RPM V8 under the hood; and two electric, front-wheel-drive motors that boost the horsepower to a whopping 767, according to GizmoCrave.

Making the 918 RSR even more alluring to car enthusiasts is Porsche’s heritage with so-called supercars. The Carrera GT may be the finest car ever built by the company.

Porsche’s timing with the introduction of the 918 RSR is impeccable. The company is expected to price the car at $630,000, according to Bloomberg. That makes the car unobtainable by many. But for those looking to blow part of their Wall Street bonuses, the 918 RSR awaits.

Tesla (TSLA), the unprofitable maker of sporty electric cars, has to be happy the 918 RSR costs as much as it does because the Tesla Roadster’s $101,500 price tag now looks cheap by comparison. Still, a Porsche is a Porsche and a Tesla, is well, a Tesla.

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