Friday the 13th Top 10 Financial Lists

by Paul Springer

It’s been a long week for news of all kinds. Now it’s time to put on the brakes and take it all in gradually – one item at a time.

In a week packed with events ranging from market beatings to new outbreaks of terrorism, it might be best to process the universe’s messages by organizing the info into a list of lists.

The emphasis is on finance, but a couple of other items might have sneaked in…

10. The FBI’s top 10 news releases, topped by an item on Raj Rajaratnam of all people. (Also see 10A, The Galleon‘s top 10 beaches in Florida. Think of it as the top 10 beaches Raj won’t be visiting any time soon.)

9. The International Business Times gives us the top 10 most depressing states to live in. The South seems to be well represented.

8. China Analyst provides the top 10 bank stocks with the highest dividend yield over the last year.

7. The Bleacher Report: top 10 Indy 500 traditions.

6. The Southside Times on manly ways to carry a purse. Number four: store ammo in the strap.

5. SNL Energy showcases the top 10 CEO raises in the energy business. Covanta Holding’s CEO gets a $3.3 million raise. And he deserves it for slogging through a tough year when the company’s net income was 40% lower than the previous year.

4. ETF db provides three oil exchange-traded fund plays flying under the radar.

3. Westword quotes Yogi Berra. “I didn’t really say everything I said.”

2. forex newshow: top 10 trading psychology myths.

1. The Week takes a peak at Osama Bin Laden’s diary.  And no, he did not harbor a secret love for puppy dogs and sunshine.

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