Ten Crazy Numbers in Three Days

by Todd Shriber

We’re just three trading days into the month, but one thing is clear: May is providing statistics lovers with some interesting numbers. Let’s have a look at some of the more interesting and entertaining market-related statistics that have been in the news:

One: They say one is the loneliest number. Maybe it is in the exchange-traded products business. The first four months of 2011 came and went with no exchange-traded funds or notes being shuttered, but the streak couldn’t last forever. The Barclays Double Short Leveraged Inverse S&P 500 TR ETN (NYSE: BDXX) will cease trading today, making it the first exchange-traded product to close in 2011, according to Benzinga.

100 billion: As in dollars. That’s the valuation on social media juggernaut Facebook being tossed around these days, as The Telegraph reports.

200 billion: Again, that’s dollars. And that’s what China’s newest Internet initial public offering, Renren (RENN), could be worth someday if it is successful in garnering a valuation that is double Facebook’s, as it hopes to do, Bloomberg reported.

16: The number of Dow Jones Industrial Average members that have market values above $100 billion. That’s barely more than half the index.

1.14 trillion: That’s the dollar amount of assets under management across U.S.-listed ETFs and ETNs at the end of April, according to data from the National Stock Exchange.

1.26 trillion: The pension shortfall being faced in U.S. states in dollars, according to 24/7 Wall St. That’s bigger than the 2010 gross domestic products of all but 14 countries.

4,000: Hedge fund legend John Paulson’s price forecast for gold, according to Forbes. Paulson thinks gold will reach that lofty level over the next three to five years.

18.3: Five-day percentage loss for the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) as of midday Wednesday.

2.91 billion: Apple’s (AAPL) projected revenue from app sales this year, a 63.4% jump from the $1.78 taken in by the App Store last year, The Los Angeles Times reported, citing research firm IHS Screen Digest.

123: OK, this isn’t a market stat. But it is the number of pitches thrown by Minnesota Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano on Tuesday night en route to the first no-hitter of the 2011 Major League Baseball season. That’s an unusually high number for a no-no, and only 66 of those pitches were strikes, according to the Associated Press.

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