Tony the Tiger: Hayward Bounces Back Post-BP

Former BP (BP) CEO Tony Hayward has apparently found opportunities for work to be plentiful since leaving the British oil giant after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. While Tony may not be a tiger, the cat analogy is not misplaced. This guy appears to have nine lives and always winds up landing on his feet.

Hayward’s newest venture is an international energy fund that may see an initial public offering worth $1.6 billion on the London Stock Exchange sometime in the next three months, Bloomberg reports. Some of banking’s biggest names aren’t shying away from working with Hayward, public enemy number one to many folks in the Gulf Coast region. The fund is backed by Nathanial Rothschild and former Goldman Sachs (GS) banker Julian Metherell, Bloomberg said.

The energy fund is just the latest example in what has been a pretty fine, and potentially very lucrative, post-BP life for Hayward, who was forced out of the the top spot at Europe’s second-largest oil company in October. Newly public commodities trading firm Glencore, one of 2011′s most widely anticipated IPOs, has made Hayward a senior independent director, according to the Guardian.

Soon after Hayward’s departure, he was rumored to be in talks with Temasek Holdings, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, Sky News reported. So while controversial, it might also be fair to say Hayward is desirable, at least to some folks.

Hayward’s new role with the international energy fund may provide for a strategic dose of irony. The fund is looking to buy mature assets from global oil companies looking to raise cash, according to Bloomberg. Hayward doesn’t have to look far to find a company that fits that description, he just needs to look at his former employer.

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