Monaco Fender Bender Comes at a Lofty Price

by Todd Shriber

Three blondes walk out of a Monaco restaurant… No, this isn’t a sophomoric blonde joke or a scene from a James Bond movie. It is a very real scenario that earlier this week led to one of the most expensive accidents any car lover dare dream of. Well, this might give car lovers nightmares.

According to the Digits Up blog, the three ladies departed the Cafe de Paris restaurant, got in their blue Bentley Azure, which costs a cool $363,000, and allegedly proceeded to ding a Mercedes Benz S-Class, which costs just $91,000. That’s bad. Blue on white in car accident will almost certainly lead to some big bills at the local body shop.

The incident, dubbed “Carmageddon” by some, did not end there. The Bentley proceeded to scrape the nose of a black Ferrari F430, which new can run close to $200,000 according to Edmunds. That knocked a $228,000 Aston Martin Rapide sedan into a $77,000 Porsche 911.

Add all that up, and that’s close to $1 million worth of some of the world’s most elite automobiles coming together for a fender bender that would be enough to put a Geico agent into tears and have the guys at the local body shop salivating.

Fortunately, the carnage ensued at a low speed, so all the victims and the offending Bentley appear salvageable. The cause of the accident still is not known, according to We can’t wait for that police report.

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